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Our Mission Statement:  NewHope Clinic is a ministry of NewHope Ministries, Inc., which seeks to minister to the health care needs of the medically uninsured and under- insured people of Eastern Kentucky by bringing competent and compassionate health care to them as a sign of God's infinite love,  tender care,  and healing touch.

"We can do no great things...Only small things with great love."                            Mother Teresa


Our Cumulative Summary of Patient Encounters: Oct 19, 2000 to 12/31/2019

Days of Operation                      1091

Patient Visits                 35,792

Volunteer Hours                        40,503

Value of Volunteer Hours            $1,557,562

Average of patients seen daily    32

Cumulative Cost of Operations    $1,248,984

Average Cost per Day of Operation  $1,145 

Averate Cost per Patient Encounter     $34.89

TOTAL Patient Count 3447 

Bill Grimes and several of his PA students from UK

Students from the Physician Assistant Program at the University of Kentucky College of Health Sciences provided two beautiful UK baskets for our annual Fish Fry and Auction which was held on October 5th.  They are also doing other fund raising for the NewHope Clinic.   Many thanks and blessings to all these wonderful young people who are demonstrating the goodness and altruism that is so necessary to be good health care providers.  They will graduate in 2020.

These PA students are also spending time with the staff of the NewHope Clinic learning how to be compassionate and competent health care providers.   These groups are from both the Morehead Campus (at MSU) and the Lexington Campus (at UK). 

"Bringing Hope and Care, one patient at a time"

Have Insurance?  Deductible too high?

Can't afford to go to the Doctor ?  

Maybe we can help.   We are now seeing patients who have insurance but cannot use it because they can't afford the co-pay and/or deductible.   Come and see us any Thursday at NewHope Clinic, 41 S. Court Street, in Owingsville, and we will discuss your situation and help you out if we can.  

We are here and are eager to serve the health care needs of the local people who simply cannot afford it.  



Kroger Community Rewards

Now you can donate to NewHope Ministries, Inc., by registering (Or re-registering - which is necessary yearly in August) your Kroger Card and designating NewHope as your organization.

Here is how to do it:  go to  and register your Kroger Card and then go to Community Rewards and pick NewHope from the list of charities.  NewHope is listed as number DH807.

Now everytime you use your Kroger Card, Kroger will donate part of your purchase back to NewHope.  This is so much easier than using your Kroger Gift Card and having to put more money in it everytime you went to Kroger.   Just using your Kroger Card when you shop will be enough to donate to our cause.  It is a Win-Win situation.  

Thank you so much for registering with Kroger Community Rewards Program.




You can help us raise money for NewHope with just a click of the mouse!

It's easy.  Please consider doing this. 

If you purchase anything through Amazon.Com they will donate 1/2 % of all your purchases to NewHope Clinic. 

Here is what you need to do:  Instead of going to, go to Smile.Amazon.Com.

It is the same website but has the added section for donations.   The opening page asks you to pick a charity:  type in NewHope Ministries and a list will reveal NewHope Ministries, Inc., Owingsville, KY.  Click on this and from then on you will be giving $ to NewHope.  You only need to do this the first time you log on.

Thank you!!



NewHope Clinic has become a Partner and has endorsed the Charter for Compassion.

Please consider going to their webpage and signing this pledge.


Click here for Charter for Compassion

Article - Starting a Free Clinic in a Rural Area by Bill Grimes


NewHope Clinic is a free clinic owned and operated by NewHope Ministries, Inc.  NewHope Ministries is a non-denominational Christian ministry which was instituted to provide access to health care for the un-insured citizens of Bath, Rowan, Morgan, Menifee, Montgomery and surrounding counties.  The present building at 41 S. Court Street in Owingsville was renovated over a three month period from July to October 2000.  There was a tremendous amount of community support, hours of personal volunteer labor,  sweat, tears and prayers of many citizens of Bath and surrounding counties.

In 2007 the clinic expanded into an adjoining building and added more exam rooms.  This building and the existing building were given to us by the Salt Lick Deposit Bank at no charge.  Salt Lick Deposit Bank has also paid all of our utilities since opening day in October of 2000.  Since Peoples Bank has purchased the Salt Lick Bank, they have continued to give us this building rent free and have continued to pay our utility bills.  THANK YOU PEOPLES BANK!!

 A Special Thank You!!


NewHope Ministries would like to offer a special thanks to all those organizations that have given grants to NewHope Clinic to enable us to continue our work among the uninsured in this area:

Dominican Sisters of Adrian Michigan

Bath County Health Department 

Blue Grass Foundation 

Capital Compassion Fund 

Carlson Family Foundation

Catholic Diocese of Lexington 

Christian Appalachian Project

Samaritan Foundation 

Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth 

Sisters of Notre Dame  

St. Walburg Benedictine Sisters 

Steele-Reese Foundation     

Anonymous Donor 

Salt Lick Deposit Bank (Central Bank)

Peoples Bank of Kentucky

Kentucky Center for Orthodontics (Drs. Durbin, Huang and Garner)

Health Kentucky



We would also like to thank all those donors whose generous donations help to continue our ministry.  They are too numerous to mention.

NewHope Clinic is open every Thursday
We are operating on a special schedule now of 8AM to 3 PM 

Who is Eligible for Care?

NewHope Ministries, Inc., has adopted a reasonable financial guideline for patient eligibility.  We accept anyone who is uninsured and who has an income which is less than 200% of the federal poverty guidelines.   We also accept people who have insurance but cannot afford the deductible or the co-pay.  Call for information and an appointment.

Phone:  606.674.8822
FAX  606.674.8262

Click here to see the federal poverty guidelines.

NewHope Clinic is financed entirely by donations and small grants.   Would you like to donate to this "hometown" charity? All donations go directly to patient care. 

Contact us at


Anthony Weaver, MD, Medical Director

Ann Colbert, MD 

Bill Grimes, APRN, PA

Julia Maness, APRN

Lucy Mays, APRN

Michele Walters, APRN

Mary Caric, APRN

Susan Sloan, APRN 


Ann Armbruester, Reception


Linda Carpenter, RN



Bill Mains, Chair

Lowell Rice

Gary Hunt

Marcelle Doggett

Bobby Ratliff

Catherine Hacker

All donations are tax deductible - we have a 501(c) 3 Designation

NewHope Ministries, Inc.

NewHope Clinic

41 S. Court Street   P.O. Box 1088

Owingsville,  KY   40360-1088

Click here for a map to our location

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